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Beautiful Because of Your Heart

You are 'Beautiful Because of Your Heart'. This is what Kokila, a young teenager, discovers after a kerosene stove accident leaves her with sixty percent burns. It enables her to rediscover joy and better accept her permanently disfigured body.

'Beautiful because of your heart' is also the story of Lakshmi, a courageous young mother who is bringing up, as best as she can, her four, but soon to be five, children, in the shanties of Kalina, huts which have been erected all along a busy road, using corrugated sheets and other salvaged materials.

Mumbai does not wear her beauty on her sleeve.....Mumbai's beauty does, however, reveal itself gradually to those who decide to look for it......

Some comments:

I had to write to say how beautiful your artwork is; how it is truly beautiful and not in a conventional way of beauty but far deeper than that.
It evokes deep thought and emotion that actually touches one's soul.
Your book, 'Beautiful because of your heart' is extraordinary. The photography once again captures life here in Mumbai. Your writing of what you saw and the people you met along the way captures the very essence of the city I see each day.
Your words really did bring me to tears and reminded me of what a special city I live in. You observed and really seemed to understand Mumbai; its daily contrasts, its ever-changing face and its absolute uniqueness. It was wonderfully articulated.
Your book has inspired and reminded me to really do more with my time here in Mumbai, and for that, I am more grateful than you will ever know. I thank you.
What you have achieved in your time here is incredible. I see a person who has embraced the city she has called home for the past few years; that India has touched you and you have touched her. You leave having given something back. 


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