KitabKhana invite you to listen the adventures of Gatila the crazy colourful cow with Kahani Tree at Kitab Khana.


Dear Readers,
What: Gatila the cow thinks she is too plain and boring. What she wants to be is colourful and beautiful. But how can a cow change the colour of her skin? 
Find out what happens when a delightful cow gets a not-so-delightful makeover. Make some animal noises with storyteller Nehal Parekh, then get up and bust a moo-ve during the Happy Cow Dance. Finally, make some fun candy stick bookmarks, and take a friendly cow companion home. 
When: Sunday, 23rd November, 11 am - 12 pm
Where: Kitab Khana, Fountain, Fort 
Age: 3+ 
About the book: Gatila does not think she is pretty. But she has a solution. And so, quietly in the night, plop goes her tail in the paint cans. What happens next? Find out in multicolour!


કોઈને ઉપયોગી થવાની તક ના ખોવી -ક.જે. સોમૈયા