KitabKhana and MNK Charitabe Trust invite you for the Book Launch of Dr. Geeta RadhaKrishna's latest book " Ananda Siva Natanam - the blissful dance of Siva.

5:00 pm

Books of Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna

1.Mohiniattam Adavus and Mudras

Late R.G.K. of “The Illustrated Weekly of India” 
“Now we see the process of rediscovery of Mohiniattam. I have known Geeta Radhakrishna for some years as one constantly on the quest of authentic Mohiniattam. Her work is the result of years of artistic experiment and research. I am sure it will be of great help to Mohiniattam teachers and students who have no authentic text to guide them. A book with line drawings of Adavus & Mudras and their complex combinations, well codified and systematised. A pioneering work! A guide for teachers and students alike!”

Dr. Sulochana Rajendran in “The Indian Express”
“What is heartening is the impact the book made. That it is the first of its kind, well codified and a veritable reckoner of technique to a trained artiste and a guide to a teacher to be goes without saying.”

Late Dr. Susheela Misra in the “Bhavan’s Journal”
“When a book is authored by an artiste like Geeta Radhakrishna who is not only a experienced performing artiste but also a teacher and a research scholar in the subject, it is bound to be of great utility for teachers and students of this art form.”

Mandakini Trivedi in “The Times of India” “Aware of the fragility of a purely oral tradition, many contemporary classical dancers are proceeding to preserve their traditions in black and white. One such pioneer is Geeta Radhakrishna, an accomplished Mohiniattam dancer. Her work is all the more significant because it attempts to collate the pure dance (Nritta) vocabulary of a dance style like Mohiniattam, whose technique is fragmented and dismembered amongst its many practitioners.”

Vijay Shankar in “The Observer”
“Besides the distinct and neat illustrations of the Adavus, photographs of Geeta Radhakrishna clicked by Radha Krishna Menon add to the visual appeal of the book. The book is purely technical and is a must for students of Mohiniattam and art connoisseurs.”

First Printed in 1991.
Second Edition in 2007 - 132 pages - Price – Rs. 450/- 
2.. Mohiniattam – the dance of the Enchantress

Nitin Yeshwantrao in "Asian Age"

“Preserving this rich cultural heritage is well known danseuse Geeta Radhakrishna who has dwarfed all the perceived notions of fame and popularity with every stage performance of hers. A unique blend of inborn talent, pure dedication and sincerity at heart, Geeta displays a fascinating urge to carry forward the legacy of Mohiniattam.
This book "Mohiniattam - the dance of the enchantress - a collectors item by all reckon, surfs you delicately through the word of traditional Indian dance forms and systematically rhymes with chapters on Mohiniattam and its evolution as a dance form."

Shamali Gupta in "Bombay Times" The Times of India

“The entire book has been carefully worded with lucid explanations. Of particular interest are the photographs, all evocative, frozen in motion and revealing the subtle nuances of this enchanting dance style – a must read for dance lovers.”

Vidya Shivram in “ The Sunday Mid-day”

“A worthwhile buy for connoisseurs and students of any dance form – a must of course, for Mohiniattam lovers.”

Archana Choudhary in “The Free Press Journal”

“A Mohiniattam exponent, she has devoted herself to bringing to audience, the beauty of the dance form – not just through dance but also through her books.”

First Printed in 1997.
Second Revised Edition in 2007 - 192 pages – Price - Rs 495 / -
3. Jayadeva’s Geeta Govinda – A love song

V.Sivaramakrishnan in "Dilip"
“Geeta Radhakrishna’s love of Geeta Govindam, which is natural to a dancer, and devotion to Sri Krishna are evident in her work. She offers it as an altar flower at His shrine.”

Prof. Dr. Annakutty Findeis in her Foreword
“Geeta Radhakrishna herself a gifted dancer of Mohiniattam, a dance form celebrating love or sringara rasa, and she has been successful in sublimating sringara into Bhakti rasa. Thus, she is the most competent person to evoke the spirit of Geeta Govinda, through her translation, which effectively recreates the lyrical and poetic beauty of it.”

Jyothi Mohan in “Shanmukha”
"Geeta Radhakrishna's deep love for this form of soulful music has prompted her to demystify this rich musical heritage of Kerala. Her translation of the Ashtapadis has done full justice to the lilting poetic beauty of Jayadeva. The choice of words and phrasing is highly aesthetic and brings out the spiritual love of Radha and Krishna without reducing it into a mundane translation of passion and eroticism. The bhava or emotional content is thus very carefully portrayed. She has also taken the trouble of finding and translating the three verses of the tenth Ashtapadi, which are not found in several translated works.
Geeta's valuable effort is a boon for all dancers. Young dancers who are not well versed in Sanskrit, will find the translation very useful while choreographing the Ashtapadis, as every word and every line of the songs has been translated faithfully. Often, we find the presentation of the bhava of an Ashtapadi is at variance with the sentiment expressed by Jayadeva. This is a due to a very superficial understanding of the import of the lyrics or due to poor comprehension of the context in which the song is composed. To address these deficiencies, Geeta's book is an invaluable asset to the dance fraternity."

First Printed in 2002. Second Edition in 2006. 
Third Revised Edition in 2010 - 168 pages - Price Rs 390/- 
4. Prakåti Nåtyaà – The dance of Nature Prakåti Nåtyaà

Jyothi Mohan in “Shanmukha”

“Geetha Radhakrishna’s love for nature comes to the fore in her book of poems extolling nature. Each poem is special in a different way. Alliteration is used with remarkable effect. Flowers, birds, trees come alive in her beautiful poems. Her poem on “Hastamudra” could be adapted for dance. The poems describing “The graceful danseuse”, brings before your eyes, the dance of joy very beautifully. The poems on “Mother Earth” based on the Ashtarasas are indeed very unique, capturing the various sentiments very artistically. Even the humble crow, in her poem, acquires a distinct, dignified personality.
An ardent feel for nature, grace and flow of words, with the background of classical dance, makes these poems remarkable. The lilting poetry should be read and enjoyed by young minds so that a love for nature will be instilled in them at an early age, for they need to protect their environment in the years to come. Prakurti Nrityam is indeed a fitting tribute to Mother Nature.”

First Printed in 2003. Second Revised Edition in 2006.
Third Revised Edition in 2014
5. Meditation on Ahimsa”

V.Sivaramakrishnan in “Dilip”

“Geeta Radhakrishna makes bold to advocate the cause of Sanskrit as the national language at a time when hers can only be a cry in the wilderness. But her voice needs to be heard as her thoughts, which are good and pure, spring from our immemorial religious culture. She represents that culture to a remarkable degree if one goes by her dedication to art and commitment to values. The present volume is the fifth in the series of her books on art and aesthetic perceptions of life and nature.”

First Printed in 2006. 128 pages.
Second Revised Edition in 2015
6. Devi Mahatmyam – Mystic Power of the Radiant Goddess

N.R in “Dilip”

“Geeta Radhakrishna, the well known dancer and exponent of Mohiniattam has come out with her sixth book; this is on Devi Mahatmyam. This work is the basic text for the worshippers of supreme Goddess in the Tantric way.
The book is the result of a combination of talents, artistic and literary. Add to it the flavour of Bhakti and art plates of Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Durga, you have something valuable to cherish.
The line drawings of the Goddess in her various forms and symbols and the black and white prints add to the excellence of the production.”

First Printed in 2010 - 160 pages - Price Rs 300/-.
7. Jai Jai Naöana Ganeça
This booklet is an offering at the lotus feet of Sri Ganesa. 
The booklet contains various Sanskrit slokas written with English transliteration in praise of Ganesa.
Ganesa is the darling God of millions of people of India and especially for the people of Mumbai. Ganesa is praised for his sharp intelligence and wisdom. 
Ganesa is invoked for the success of learning and completion of any new venture. His blessings has to be sought because He is the remover of all obstacles and hurdles. 
How to perform Ganapati pooja at home with the recitation of 108 Mantras in explained.

First Printed in 2010 - 72 pages - Price - Rs 210 / -
8. “Änanda Çiva Naöanaà – The Blissful Dance of Çiva”

A book that brings out the auspicious and dynamic aspects of Lord Çiva. The author covers a wide range of subjects like Çiva Kävya, Çiva Darçana, Çiva Liëga, Çiva Naöaräja, Çiva Rasa, Çiva Puräëa, Çiva Stotra and Çiva Maìtra. 
Through “Änanda Çiva Naöanaà” her eighth book, Geeta presents the rhythmic, joyous, cosmic dance of Çiva.”

Printed in 2014 - Hard bound -342 pages - Price - Rs 1200/-


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