Join author Parinita Shetty (The Monster Hunters) as she launches her new book When Santa Went Missing published by Penguin Books.


Dear Readers,
What do Santa’s elves learn in Toy Production 101, How To Train Your Reindeer, General Postmastery, Sleigh Maintenance and Levitation?
How many toy factories does Santa Claus have?
What actually happens at the North Pole?
How does this whole Santa Claus thing work anyway?
And why does Santa’s youngest son think he’s a reindeer?
Find out the answers to all these questions and more. Then discover what happens when Santa Claus goes missing two weeks before Christmas!
Meet Santa’s eleven-year-old daughter Noel, who is packed off on a quest to save Christmas. Help her plot Santa’s route around the world, then enter the toy factory and help Santa out by making some DIY toys. 
When: Sunday, 14th December, 2014, 11 am
Where: Kitab Khana, Flora Fountain, Fort 
Ages: 8+
About the book: Eleven-year-old Noel is packed off on a quest to prevent panic in the toy factories around the world when her dad, Santa Claus, goes missing two weeks before Christmas. To help her on this mission are Gilmore, Coral and Bean, three elves with personality disorders of their own. With crazy challenges at every turn and Santa Claus still refusing to budge from the missing persons list, saving Christmas seems just a little out of their league.


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