Book launch of "Classics - Why we should encourage children to read them" by Fiza Pathan

Kitab Khana

You are cordially invited for the book launch of " Classics - Why we should encourage children to read them" by Fiza Pathan.

Date:6th October,2013
Venue: Kitab Khana
Time : 11:30 am
Age group: middle school and parents

About book and Author:

From the Author
As a student reading classics had a profound effect on my creativity, imagination and writing skills. When I started teaching from the first year of college, I introduced classics to my students. I implemented the same techniques and methods of teaching with my students and saw the difference in them. I taught English Literature and English Language besides History to the students of the 9th and 10th grade at a prestigious ICSE school in Mumbai, and followed the same methods of teaching. I have a B.A. degree in History and Sociology and a B. Ed. Degree in Education, my special subjects being English and History. I wish to share my knowledge, techniques and methods of teaching with Parents, Teachers and students. With the aid of this book, I want to propagate the importance of classics to everyone, every student, parent and teacher. Through this book I shall introduce to you the various classics that have influenced me, the different skills one can develop by reading good literature and how sometimes good fiction makes reality a lot more tolerable.
About the Author
Fiza Pathan is a teacher and the author of two books ‘S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories’ and ‘Treasury Of Bizarre Christmas Stories’. 'CLASSICS: Why we should encourage children to read them' is her third book, born out of a desire to share what classics had done for her as a student in school and how the same techniques proved of value in college, while tutoring students and now as a teacher. She regularly blogs on and has her own website She shares reviews of books which she has read and enjoyed. Lately she has penned a few poems which you can read and enjoy on her blog. You may follow her on Twitter @FizaPathan or join her on Goodreads. 


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