Kala Ghoda Children's Literature Programme at KitabKhana & Horniman Circle Gardens on 15th February, 2015.


Dear Readers,
Children's Books are back at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 
Date : 15th February,2015
Venue: KitabKhana & Horniman Circle Gardens.
To register, mail us at litkidskgaf15@gmail.com with "registration" and name of session in subject line with name and age of child/children and name and contact of parent.
Day: Sunday.
Date: 15th February,2015.
Time :10:30-11:30 am
Venue : KitabKhana.
Age : 8+
Santa goes Missing
Santa’s been missing since December and the search is on. Join author Parinita Shetty in a mad romp to find him and create some cool toys along the way.
Day: Sunday.
Date: 15th February,2015.
Time :10:00 - 11:00 am
Venue :Horniman Circle Gardens.
Age : 5+
Tree Walk
Nature lover and author Katie Bagli introduces you to Mumbai’s unique trees and flora on this delightful nature ramble and tells stories from her book Our Green Saviours.
Day: Sunday.
Date: 15th February,2015.
Time :11:30-12:00 pm
Venue :KitabKhana
Age : 4+
Brown like Dosas, Samosas and Sticky Chikki.
Samaira, brown as chocolate loves colours. But what happens when she meets a strange purple lady who offers to change her into a shade of white? Will Samaira give into the temptation or will she take pride in the colour of her own skin?
Day: Sunday.
Date: 15th February,2015.
Time :4-5pm
Venue :KitabKhana
Age : 8+
Do Tigers Drink Blood?
Who are the X-animals? Wildlife author Arefa Tehsin answers the most intriguing animal questions in this cool wildlife session based on her book Do Tigers Drink Blood and 13 other Mysteries of Nature?


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