KitabKhana and Junoon - A stage for Theatre invite you for "From Temple To Theatre: A Dancers" by Darshana Jhaveri on 17th April ,2015


Dear Readers,
Day: Friday.
Date: 17th March,2015
Time:5:30 pm
Venue: KitabKhana.
About Darshana Jhaveri ,
Darshana Jhaveri has been a Manipuri dancer for 50 years, specializing in both the Tandav and the Lasya elements of the traditional dance form. Her performances in India and abroad began back in 1958. And she was presented with the President's Padmashri Award in 2000.
Dharshana collaborated with Guru Bipin Singh for research work in 1960. Since then, both of them have studied the Manipuri dance tradition, recorded oral traditions of Manipur, formulated teaching courses, written articles for various publications and given innumerable interviews and demonstrations at various seminars and conferences. 
With a Bachelor of Arts degree in ancient Indian culture, Darshana Jhaveri has been teaching for 35 years and has been a Research Scholar for 40. She is one of the founders and now the director of Manipuri Nartanalaya at Mumbai, Kolkata and Manipur. She is actively associated with teaching, creative production, performances, research, publications, public relations, fund raising and organization at Manipuri Nrityakendra, Mumbai, of which she is also the Executive President. 
In addition, Darshana has written and been the co-author for various books on Manipuri dance.
About  Session ,
How does an enchanting dance from the temples find its way to the stage? What makes this sacred form appealing to people across the country? And what does a national movement have to do with a community ritual dance?
Renowned Manipuri dancer, Darshana Jhaveri shares her deep love for this dance form and its lyrical beauty, through her life's work.
In this Mumbai Local, Darshana talks about her experiences as a dancer and the powerful impact Manipuri dance has on her life. She takes us on a journey, through her personal anecdotes, vast knowledge and deep learnings, to explore the history of this rich dance form. She explains why it's important to bring these traditional dances out of their niches and make them accessible to all of us. For Darshana, Manipuri dance is a beautiful medium that captivates people while keeping them connected to their Indian roots.
Enjoy a Mumbai Local session that brings the fascinating and meaningful world of Manipuri dance closer to us all.


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