Kitab Khana and Duckbill books invite you to Bonkers

11 : 00
Kitab Khana

Kitab Khana and Duckbill books invite you to Bonkers.

Date:20th October,2013
Day : Sunday.
Venue : Kitab Khana
Time :11:00 am
For younger readers age 6-9 years.

About the book and Author:

Armaan’s new dog Bonkers is insane: he chews Armaan’s spectacles, eats up his favourite shoe and gets him into deep trouble with the school bully, TT. Between mopping, toilet training Bonkers and escaping from TT, Armaan’s life has become impossible … will it ever get back to normal?

And what’s the bit about the hole? The book literally has a hole punched through it in the top right corner. Apart from becoming a part of the illustration in some places, the hole very usefully doubles up as a convenient hanging option, a stick-your-finger-through-it-spin-ner kind of thing, a pendant that can be looped through a chain around your neck and whatever else the kids can come up with.

Natasha Sharma is the author of several books for children (including five new ones coming out in the next six months!). Among the five is Bonkers, a hOle book. She was to be interviewed by Himanjali Sankar, the author of The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog and Skinny Scribbles.

So, Join the author while she readers her book. Bonkers!


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