Book Reading - Mythili Zatakia Debut Novel "The Chase" on 19th May, 2015 at 6:00pm


Dear Readers,
Day: Tuesday.
Date: 19th May,2015
Time : 6:00 pm 
"The Chase" belongs to the genre of part-fiction written in the first person narrative.
It is the story of a typical, wavering teenager who, over the course of one year, records abstract experiences that come together to help her discover her true identity.
The book is 160 pages long and contains a prologue, a cryptic introduction and 50 subsequent chapters that each depict a different episode.
"Young, flustered and not quite sure what she was born to do, Mythili Zatakia, underscores the indispensability of, the liberty to explore; a gusto for life and the craft to conquer any situation, through the journal entries of a year of extraordinary experiences that become "The Chase". It's speedy. It's bizarre. It's crisp."
"Aged 19 and flummoxed by the urgency to identify a long-term professional role, Mythili Zatakia (better known as Zatak) invents the title of a 'Crackerjack Scribbler' to compensate for the inadequacies of handy career opportunities. The job involves recording every dynamic episode in her life to establish a method in the madness, generated by “chasing” a range of fortes. It takes one year of arbitrary and gutsy exploration to discover the ultimate purpose of her existence. Her “Chase” is quick, tumultuous and amusingly unique. What else does one expect from a cracked, tornado-like, teenage turbine with a pen for some scribbling?!"


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