KitabKhana invite you for the Book Release of Ervell E. Meneze- "My Days in Journalisms " on 6th June,2015 at KitabKhana at 6:00pm.


Dear Readers,
About Ervell E. Menezes,
I am Ervell E. Menezes (76), and like many people of my generation, riding into the sunset. I have over five decades of experience in journalism, of which I spent 24 years with the *Indian Express”, where with a desk job and as a film critic, I was given the opportunity to indulge myself in both 
production and writing. 
I left “Indian Express” as news editor to freelance as a political writer and film critic for *The Tribune*, Chandigarh, *The Hans*, Hyderabad, *Free Press Journal*, Mumbai, *Gomantak Times*, Goa (for film) 
and *The Herald*, (Goa for politics).Specialising in films, I have attended film festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Oberhausen and those held in 
India. I was a member of the Advisory Panel of the Censor Board from 1978 to 82, and on the Jury for National awards in 2009 and 2013. After over four decades of “pulp fiction,” I want to leave something permanent in the profession I love so passionately, and I hope to realise this through my book. Enclosed is an overview of my
non-fiction, *My Days in Journalism.
About the book:
*My Days in Journalism* is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred account of the media andthe problems that have cropped up in the last two decades with promos, marketing and “paid news” making inroads into its very purity. 
I have been in the field for nearly five decades and should know better. Having travelled widely abroad and all over India, my insights and prognosis are sound.
Meeting with Bill Clinton (when Governor of Arkansas), Sir Edward Heath, C. Northcote Parkinson, Peter Drucker, Peter Ustinov and Gina Lollobrigida among others, these close encounters make exciting reading even for those not involved in the profession. 
Newspaper magnate R.V. Pandit, who had his eye on the Express Group of newspapers, once accused me of being drunk on duty, but had to eat his words when proved wrong; it led to a great friendship in future. But not the same with Arun Shourie, who is a “sanctimonious humbug” for using journalism as a stepping stone to political power and also kowtowing to the System, which he claimed to be dead against. There were also exposes for which my life was threatened and therefore, I grew a beard (and still have it) as a disguise. I also had to fight for my rights, when the freedom of the press was threatened by Twentieth Century-Fox. Treading a path strewn with thistles, I soldiered on fearlessly to become an example for those venturing in what one considers a “hallowed profession” and a vital tool in any vibrant democracy.
“My Das in Journalism”encapsulates these experiences. This book, however, is not meant to be a biography; it is an extension of my own journey into the changing times of journalism — from a tool of resistance to a tool for the power-hungry, who threw integrity out of the window.
My target audience is the Gen-next so that at least five to 10 per cent of them retain the tried and tested old values that some of us have struggled to preserve, while being part of the system.


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