Kitab Khana and children’s author Katie Bagli cordially invite you to the Book Reading of her latest book- The Less Liked Lovables.


About the book

The Less Liked Lovables

Through the ages, humans have always believed in myths and misbeliefs about some animals: bats are supposed to be ‘spooky’, owls are associated with witchcraft; by touching frogs and toads, it is believed, one can get warts… Through the amusing stories in her book ‘The Less Liked Lovables’ author Katie Bagli has endeavoured to dispel these false beliefs and make one realise that all creatures are lovable and hold an important role in the intricate web of life. 

About the Author

Katie Bagli is an avid nature lover and she gives expression to her passion by writing for children.  She has eight published titles to her credit, all of which are on various subjects of nature.  The ninth title is expected to be out very soon.  Besides writing Katie also enjoys illustrating her own books. 

Through her writing she strives to bring about awareness and sensitise the young to the environment and wildlife.  Her books have been recommended for general reading in schools.  In addition, she has also co-authored three books and writes for children’s magazines as well.

Katie has conducted various wildlife workshops and story-telling sessions in schools (in Mumbai and elsewhere) and other institutions including the Goa Litfest, Kala Ghoda and Hindustan Times No TV day. 

When she is not writing Katie devotes her time to taking tree walks, nature trails, conducting creative writing workshops for children.  She also indulges in fun-filled nature-related activities for the young and old, like writing scripts and organising puppet shows and plays.




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