Modeling Uncertainty - A Tale of Tails by Sandeep Juneja

5:30 pm

Dear Readers,
Day: Friday.
Date: 15th January,2016
Time:5:30 pm
Venue: KitabKhana.
About the Session:
Crystal balls, fortune-tellers, tarot cards and talking parrots; haven't we all wished we could peek into the future and control our lives and circumstances? But, the world never seems to be quite in our hands. What if the one thing that could help us make sense of it all was mathematics?
Meet Sandeep Juneja - applied probabilist and finance mathematician from TIFR - at Mumbai Local this week. And his key area of interest is modeling uncertainty and outlier events.
What is that, you ask? It's a branch of mathematics that deals with what we consider 'rare events' - events that we think occur as anomalies, but may have a catastrophic impact on our lives. These fascinating techniques are applied across various fields like finance, insurance, geology, hydrology and even communications technology to control future situations a little better.
So why are these events so important? Are they really as rare as we think they are? Do they affect our decision-making? How? Sandeep's talk will bring up and examine all these questions as he uses real world examples to demonstrate modeling uncertainty to us. He will also share with us why this area of mathematics is his passion and what makes him follow it relentlessly.
This talk is going to incredibly interesting as the world of mathematics will unfold in quite a new avatar. Want to make sense of life? Come, join us for this session at Mumbai Local!


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