Kala Ghoda Scheduled for 2016 - Day 1


Dear Readers,

Children's Books are back at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival .
Venue: KitabKhana, David Sassoon Library & Museum Ground.

To register, mail us at litkidskgaf16@gmail.com / to.kitabkhana@gmail.com with "registration" and name of session in subject line with name and age of child/children and name and contact of parent.

Day 1 

Day: Saturday.
Date: 6th February,2016.
Time : 10:30 am -11:30 am
Venue : KitabKhana
The Dragon's Toothache 
Can a Motely Crew of Friends help a dragon in pain? find out with Storyteller Nitya 
Age - 4+

Time : 11:30 am -12:30 pm
Venue : KitabKhana
Saving the very last dodo
Author Venita Cohelo weaves a gripping tale of eco- adventure.
Age - 8+

Time : 03:00 pm -4:00 pm
Venue : KitabKhana
Seedha-Sada Serpy/Nagmodi Nagoba
Award-winning author Rajiv Tambe and Rajuta Ghate tell about a snake who wants to move in straight lines - A Hindi-Marathi story-telling
Age - 4+

Time : 04:00 pm -5:00 pm
Venue : KitabKhana
When Appa bought a Buffalo
Lailta Iyer on her quirky family's quirky tales
Age - 9+

Time : 5:00 pm -6:30 pm
Venue : KitabKhana
Animation 101
Oscar-winner Canadian animation artist Torill Kove on how to create an animation story
Age - 9+



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