A Bedtime Story to wake you up with Kiran Nagarkar

5:30 pm

Dear Readers ,
Date : 18th March
Venue : Kitab Khana
Time : 5:30
When we pick up the newspaper today or watch the news on TV what do we see? Stories that shake us, stories of violence and intolerance, stories that often make it hard for us to keep believing that the world is a good place. And what do we do? More often than not, we will shake our heads, turn the page or switch the channel.
When will we realise that this is relevant to us? That we are all a part of the world we have created around us? When will we understand that each one of us is responsible for anything that happens anywhere in the world - whether it's in our backyards, or in Iran or even in the USA?
Renowned novelist, playwright and critic, Kiran Nagarkar, meets us with these questions and more at Mumbai Local this week.
Kiran's talk promises to be a deeply insightful and provocative one. It will be anchored in two of his most powerful works - A Bedtime Story (a piece that was considered so inflammable that it was banned legally, then extra-legally and finally published for the first time after 38 years) and his book, God's Little Soldier. Both works will shake us out of our comfort zone, and will get us questioning many of the convenient and complacent perspectives we have adopted in today's world. Something Kiran said depicts this attitude perfectly - "Remember the picture of the little child who washed up dead on the sandy shore? Our sole response was to shake our heads sadly and tell ourselves what could we have done?"
Kiran's session will drive us to explore our collective consciousness and discover the power that lies in each of us to make a difference. And all of this will be done through beautiful, evocative and soul-stirring literature.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to rethink, re-examine and redefine the way we live in the world today.
Kiran Nagarkar is a bilingual novelist whose first novel Saat Sakkam Trechalis is considered a landmark in Marathi literature The rest of his novels are in English: Ravan and Eddie, Cuckold, God's Little Soldier and The Extras. His novels are translated into Marathi, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. While Cuckold won the Sahitya Akademy Award for best novel in 2000, the doyen of Indian literature, Khushwant Singh remarked that '...Cuckold written in English I regard as the best by an Indian.' In 2012 The New York Review of Books published Ravan and Eddie which Katherine Boo called 'Wicked, magical, hilarious, enduring: A masterpiece from one of world literature's great cult writers.' In their new e-book series. This year (2015) he published a two-in-one book, his highly conroversial play Bedtime Story published for the first time after thirty-seven years, and Black Tulip, a screenplay. His latest work, Rest in Peace: Ravan and Eddie is the last novel in the R and E trilogy.
In November 2012 the President of the Federal Republic of Germany awarded Germany's highest civilian award the Cross of the Order Of Merit to Kiran Nagarkar. 1915 was also the year the Tata Literature-Live Festival singled Nagarkar out for its Life-time Achievement Award.
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