Junoon and Kitankhana invite you for Jaimani Pathak session - Never say fail: Children's Theatre as Liberal Indoctrination.

5:30 pm

Dear Readers,
Date:20th may
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: KitabKhana
Many years ago, a young boy came to Mumbai with dreams in his eyes – wanting to be a cricketer and do an MBA. He tried and tried to live out his dreams and eventually realised that they weren’t meant for him. Instead, he found himself falling in love with literature and theatre. And new dreams began to unfold before him.
Would you say the boy ‘failed’ at achieving what he set out to do? What if he hadn’t ‘failed’ at these things? How would he have discovered the magic, success and deep satisfaction of what he does today?
This is a snippet from the life of Jaimini Pathak - director, actor, the founder of Mumbai-based theatre group, Working Title, and an artist we are delighted to have with us at Mumbai Local.
Jaimini’s work in theatre spans over 25 years and primarily been with children for almost 15 years. Why? Firstly, he loves children. But more importantly, he believes that theatre is a fantastic learning space for children. A space where they are free from judgements, stereotypes, inhibitions and all those little boxes we often try to slot people into. According to Jaimini, theatre is one of those rare opportunities where people meet as people, and learn to work, grow and create together. Theatre also teaches children that failure is part of a learning process – that it is never a full stop, and always a stepping stone.
In this Mumbai Local, Jaimini will share with us why he so deeply feels that theatre is a necessity in young lives. He will talk of theatre as liberal indoctrination, emphasising on why and how children love engaging with it. (Most of them don’t even want to be on stage!) Theatre allows people to step into another’s shoes, a skill that Jaimini believes leads to a more alert, sensitive and aware child. His session will be peppered with delightful stories and anecdotes from his own childhood and experiences in theatre. And we really can’t wait to hear them.
Join us for a thoroughly enthralling evening of stories on theatre, failure, love and life.
Jaimini Pathak is the founder of Working Title, a Mumbai-based arts organisation. His last 15 years have been dedicated to working in theatre development, engagement and performances for audiences ranging from age 5 to 75. From village fairs to Waterman Theatre in London, his work is spread over a variety of locations across India and the world. His activities include Theatre-in-Education programmes, several year-long Theatre curriculum development programmes with schools and colleges across the country, as well as Theatre-in-Corporate programmes that focus on communication and skill development in various corporate organisations.
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