Desert Delights children's Event at KitabKhana

5:30 pm

Dear Readers,

About the books and authors:


Shero to the rescue: Young Shero lives in Kachchh, a beautiful place in Gujarat, in the West of India. One day she sees some strange people near her home. What are they doing there? When she discovers their plans, she panics. She rallies together many other animals living in the grasslands, wetlands and desert of Kachchh. What can they do to save their land, their homes?


Author: After getting bored with writing books for adults, Ashish decided to try his hand at writing for children. In his spare time he works on environment and development issues, touring around to see how people are saving forests, growing organic food, experimenting with solar energy, creating exciting jobs, and working with each other to improve their lives. He is one of the founders of Kalpavriksh, chairs Greenpeace India, and helps coordinate the Vikalp Sangam process.



Bumboo… the donkey who would not budge: Bumboo is a playful and loving donkey in Ladakh, adored by young Padma. As he grows up and the tourist season approaches, what does the family discover about him? Why does he behave differently at night? Why does he not move at all? Will Padma’s father sell him to someone in another village?


“Bumbooo…the donkey who would not budge” won The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award for Best Story Picture Book in 2016.


Author: What Sujatha loves the most is being outdoors, especially in the mountains and in forested areas, watching birds, butterflies and other insects and listening to a bubbling stream. However, since she lives in Pune, she spends some of her time working in the field of environment education. She has authored three story books for children and has also developed environment education handbooks, games and resource kits for children and educators. She is a member of Kalpavriksh, an environment action group.



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