Kitab Khana and Junoon invite you to STUMBLING IN THE DARKNESS: STORIES OF THE UNIVERSE AND US by Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta

5:30 pm

Dear Readers,
Date:19th September
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: Kitab Khana


Do you ever catch yourself staring at a glittering sky and wondering about the infinity of the universe? This limitless space filled with stars, planets, satellites and galaxies - so stunning and mind-boggling all at once. What a sight it is!

But, what if someone told you most of the universe is invisible? What if all those starts you see only comprise a fifth of that endless mystery?

Dazzled? You can expect to be dazzled some more. We are delighted to invite Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta - dark matter aficionado - to Mumbai Local. Prof. Dasgupta is deeply interested in a relatively new area of physics - the study of dark matter. What is dark matter, you ask? It is something we cannot see, but forms 80% of all matter. When scientists were trying to use the laws of physics to measure the weight of galaxies, they realised their observations didn't give the same results as those got from using the laws. And that made them question the age-old belief of the universe being a vast, empty space filled with celestial bodies. There was obviously some other matter out there. In fact, it was all around us.

Dark matter is one of the greatest mysteries in science. And it is wonderful discoveries like this that make science so intriguing and irresistible for people. By throwing light on dark matter, Prof. Dasgupta will share his passion for this field with us. He will share glimpses of his practice, showing us how scientists have to dig deep to unearth the endless possibilities and learnings out there.

Fascinated? So are we! Join us as we open our eyes and learn about something we can't see!


Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta is a theoretical physicist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and the Head of a Max Planck Partner-group on Astroparticle Physics at TIFR. His research is at the interface of particle physics, cosmology, and astrophysics - aimed at understanding how the laws of subatomic physics shape the Universe at large. Prof. Dasgupta has published extensively on this subject, specialising in neutrino physics and dark matter. He is a regular speaker at major international conferences, and explaining complex scientific issues in a bare-bones non-technical manner is one of his driving passions.



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