As the Seagull Flies by Naveen Kishore

5:30 pm

Dear Readers,
KitabKhana, Mumbai local in collabration with Junoon invite you for As the Seagull Flies by Naveen Kishore
Date: Friday, 16th June, 2017
Time: 5:30 pm
Venue: Kitab Khana
About the session:
How does one create and run a publishing program in the Indian arts scenario for the alternative, the non-commercial and the experimental? What sparks an idea like this and what propels it forward? What happens when the person behind such a program has no set method, and is instead insistently creative and spontaneous in his work? What springs from this kind of life journey?
We are thrilled to invite Naveen Kishore - publisher, lighting designer and photographer - to Mumbai Local. Known to most as the man behind Seagull Books, Naveen Kishore has consistently created spaces to bring artists to the foreground, throwing up opportunities for them to be seen and heard. Most of his work, however, cannot be pinned down to a format. From the Seagull School of Publishing to the Peaceworks initiative to the independent publishing house in Kolkata - every effort is dynamic and responsive to diverse artistic needs.
At this Mumbai Local, Naveen Kishore looks forward to sharing with us "a not-so-linear set of thoughts in a poetic vein on a life in theatre and publishing." We can expect to go on a delightful, seemingly whimsical, journey with Naveen, but as we shall see, there is clearly method in his madness. As well as a deep sense that the arts are a social commitment, and that the voices of artists must be seen and heard.
About Naveen Kishoreji,
Born in Calcutta in 1953, Naveen Kishore received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature in 1973, and began working as a theatre lighting designer. He then established Seagull Books in 1982, a publishing programme in the arts and media focusing on drama, film, art and culture studies. Kishore turned to photography where he extensively documented female impersonators from Manipuri, Bengali and Punjabi theatre practices. In particular he photographed Chapal Bhaduri, a female impersonator of the Bengali folk theatre, Jatra, in a project entitled Performing the Goddess. Some of these pictures were exhibited as a part of a show entitled Woman/Goddess. Kishore lives and works in Calcutta.
Join us for the Naveen journey on 16 June 2017, at 5.30 pm, Kitab Khana, Fort. We look forward to seeing you there!


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