Dance & Beyond with Shubhada Varadkar


Dear Readers,
Kitabkhana ,MUMBAI LOCAL
In collaboration with Junoon
with Shubhada Varadkar
Odissi exponent, writer and choreographer
About this Mumbai Local:
How does a classical dancer stay true to the form she has learned and yet be contemporary in her expression? When does she feel free enough to make this leap? And what does it mean for her own relationship to her dance?
All dance has an alphabet, a grammar of its own. Like spoken languages, that language has a cultural context which informs its usage. And sometimes constrains it. Then Shakespeare-like personalities comes along, who sees larger creative possibilities in the same language that everyone uses. And proceed to express it - and go beyond to new possibilities. What you then get is a period of flowering, of great cultural excitement, which sometimes has a huge impact on that very language for all time to come.
We are delighted to invite Shubhada Varadkar - Odissi exponent, writer and choreographer - to Mumbai Local. A wonderful Odissi dancer, student of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, she prefers to seek new expression within the expansive framework of Odissi, over breaking the form. In fact, she says, breaking the form is actually easier, working with it is the exciting challenge. In this Mumbai Local, she will take us through her relationship with dance - as a search for expression, as a life anchor through dealing with illness, and as a bodily expression that also taught her how she can go "beyond the matter".
Look forward to an evening where dance, life and living are intricately interwoven, through the experience and expression of a dancer for whom dance, quite literally, has given her life.
About the Artist:
An artist in her quest for perfection Shubhda Varadkar, a Performer, a Choreographer, a Writer, a Guru and a Guide has taken the divine dance form of Odissi to transcendental heights with her flawless performances and mentoring of aspiring artistes. A proficient disciple of late Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra and recipient of various prestigious awards, Shubhada has enthralled the audience with her artistic excellence through a range of creative productions which are well received for their rich tapestry of music, choreography and literature.
Shubhada who is a recipient of Senior Fellowship by Ministry of culture, an 'A' grade National artiste for Doordarshan and an empanelled artiste of ICCR is a prolific writer. Her book "The Glimpses of Indian Classical Dance" is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Play. She has also penned her autobiographical account in Marathi book titled Mayurpankh which is a first Marathi book to be published simultaneously in print, audio, and eBook format. Mayurpankh is also published in English as Mayurpankh's The Celestial Plume
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