Book Launch: DRI & THE DONS by B.V. Kumar

Kitab Khana

Kitab Khana is pleased to invite you to the much-awaited launch of DRI & The Dons: The Untold Stories by B.V. Kumar, published by Konark Publishers. The book will be launched by the author along with the honorable guest, Padma Bhushan Mr Naseeruddin Shah.

Transnational smuggling will not stop as long as the demand for goods and sevices exists since it will create its own supply. Smugglers operate on the principle of 'comparative advantage'. A few of the gangsters operating in the underworld of Bombay (now Mumbai) held not only the city to ransom but also beyond. They were a law unto themselves. The shadow world in which they operate slowly but steadily penetrates into the legitimate economies with criminal profits. Sooner or later, a stage will come when they will disrupt the political order in which democracies operate. 

DRI & The Dons: The Untold Stories will provide readers an insight into the challenges faced by the Indian law enforcement agencies involved in combating organised crime. It covers some of the most important cases unearthed by DRI officers, who refused to buckle under any threat, while dealing with major smuggling syndicates. 

B.V. Kumar joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1958 and held various key positions such as Director-General, Revenue Intelligence; Director-General, Narcotics Control Bureau; Director-General, Economic Intelligence Bureau, and Member, Central Board of Excise and Customes amongst others in the 35 years of service. During his tenure, many syndicates involved in organised economic crime that operated transnationally including smuggling of contraband and drugs, were neutralised. The Illustrated Weekly of India had dedicated its front cover (October 11-17, 1987 issue) to him and described him as Super Sleuth. He has authored The Preventive Detention Laws of India, The Darker Side of Black Money: An Insight into the World of Financial Secrecy and Tax Havens, and The Underground Economy: An Insight into the World of Tax Havens and Money Laundering. He has also published a number of papers on law, taxation, terrorism, and organised crime. 


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