THE DREAM SELLER: Children's Book Reading + Activity

Kitab Khana

The Dream Seller whips up unique fantasies, prepared with the most exquisite ingredients, for customers who visit his shop. 

However, when an unexpected disaster strikes, will the Dream Seller and his friends be able to save the day?

Join us for a reading of this charming little book for children, which will involve a reading followed by a surprise activity. Remember to bring your dreams along - they might just come true!



Smriti Rathi is a young author from Pune, India making her children’s literature debut with The Dream Seller. She believes that words are the closest thing to magic and relishes any work that tickles the imagination. 

With her book she hopes to add a splash of wonder and marvel into the boring routine of everyday life!


કોઈને ઉપયોગી થવાની તક ના ખોવી -ક.જે. સોમૈયા