TALK: The Jai Jagat March for Nonviolence with P.V. Rajgopal and Jill Carr Harris

Kitab Khana

JAI JAGAT was a phrase coined and made popular by legendary Gandhian leader, Vinoba Bhave. This year, Jai Jagat takes the form of an ambitious, year-long march of 10,000 kms, across 10 countries to promote nonviolence, justice, and well-being for all.

The march will begin on 2nd October 2019, from Gandhi Samadhi at Rajghat in Delhi and conclude in the last week of September 2020 in Geneva.

On Tuesday, 20th August 2019 at 5:30PM, Kitab Khana is hosting a talk with two co-founders of this march: P.V. Rajgopal and Jill Carr Harris. The conversation will throw light upon why the march is being undertaken, what issues and values it hopes to focus on and what challenges they might face while passing through various countries enroute. The talk will also focus on how and why nonviolence is a workable ideal, despite the opposite seeming to be true considering the times we are currently living in.


P.V. Rajgopal is a veteran Gandhian activist who has led the mass organization Ekta Parishad, to promote land rights, which was recently featured in a book by David Hardiman. He has also led trainings in nonviolence in countries across the world.

Jill Carr Harris is a scholar of women and development who looks at women’s empowerment through the frame of nonviolence. She also teaches Gandhian nonviolence.



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