Book Reading: OH! THOSE PARSIS by Berjis Desai

Kitab Khana



Join us for the book launch of one of the funniest books about Parsi life on Friday, 27th September at 5PM.

Oh! Those Parsis is a selection of the author's column 'Bawa Musings' that was published regularly in Parsiana. His non-fiction writing covers most aspects of Parsi culture including maids, mothers, and murders; legho, liquor, and lagan nu custard; sex, superstitions, and swear words; fish fertility and funerals; goondas, ghelsappas, and gadheras; noses, nataks and nostalgia; insanity, occult, and xenophobia. 

In this A to Z on Parsis, you will find:
How Parsis convert the dirtiest swear words into terms of endearment.
Pesi, who got the Pope himself to intercede to reduce the volume of bells rung at St. Joseph's Church, Dadar.
Maku Macbeth's OCD which compelled her to change her undergarments five times a day.
The inside story of famous Parsi murderers.
Men who believe why have a wife when you have your Mummy.
Parsi mediums communicating with the dead to obtain indigestion remedies. 

About the Author:
Berjis Desai, 62, Master in Law from the University of Cambridge, has been practising transactional and dispute resolution laws for nearly 40 years. Earlier, he was Managing Partner of one of India's leading law firms. A former working journalist with a leading Gujarati newspaper, he has been a columnist on Parsi affairs for nearly two decades. 
Berjis regularly contributes to Parsiana, the community's most respected news magazine. His other interests include throuroughbred horse breeding, study of Zoroastrianism and other comparative religions. Berjis is married and lives in Mumbai. 


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