Children's Storytelling Event: Celebrate International Literacy Day

Kitab Khana

Bullying and stereotyping are so uncool!

It's time for another day of stories. Join us for a fun storytelling session about princesses who break stereotypes and kids who stand up to bullies, on Sunday, 15 September, at 11AM.

Every year, Pratham Books celebrates International Literacy Day with story reading sessions for children across India. This year, Lopamudra Mohanty will be regaling children (and adults) with an animated reading of The Weightlifting Princess and Gappu Can't Dance

Lopamudra Mohanty is a professional storyteller and founder of Big Buddy World (she is also lovingly called Big Buddy). She has created a Level-wise Reading Programme for children, a Level-wise Storytelling Certification Programme and does believe in the power of reading and storytelling. She integratesLiteracy skills and socio-emotional skills into her storytelling. She is also into historica, mythological, issue-based storytelling for children and adults. She is an Odissi dancer, a theatre professional, a runner, and an author of the book AEIOU-Short Sounds.   


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