WORKSHOP: Book by Book - Building Resilience in Children

Kitab Khana

Join us for an interactive workshop organised by Ummeed with Dr Riddhi Mehta and Raviraj Shetty on Saturday, 30 Nomvember at 11AM.

All children are capable of working through challenges and coping with stress. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges, and even trauma. It's a skill that kids can be taught to develop as they grow. 

Supportive relationships, adaptive skills and positive experiences are the building blocks of resilience. And what if books could be a way to build these blocks of resilience?

This interactive workshop hopes to show parents and educators the importance of building resilience in children and the power that books have in building it. 

Riddhi Mehta is a Developmental Pediatrician at Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai. Ummeed is not-for-profit organisation providing quality care to children with disabilities and their families, across all classes of society. 

Raviraj lives with his sister, mum, dad and an amazing group of friends. He is an occupational therapist who practices sensory integration and narrative ideas with children, families and communities around them at Ummeed Child Development Center. 

Ummeed is a not for profit which collaborates with children experiencing/or at risk of disabilities and their communities to create an inclusive world for all. He believes in his heart that all the problems in this world are rooted in the oppressive structural systems rather in our bodies or our identities. Children's books, postcards, paper crafts, soft oil pastels, magical spells, songs and poems are scaffolds that help him to co-create nourishing magical spaces with communities and people. 


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