Zayn & Zoey's Interactive Storytelling Workshop

Kitab Khana

We are delighted to be hosting the Zayn & Zoey Interactive Storytelling Workshop by The Curiosity Club on Sunday, 24 November between 11AM and 12.20PM

Along with storytelling, throught the Zayn & Zoey Reduce-Reuse-Recycle book, kids will be taught to make recyclable objects which will be take-home projects!

Make sure your young ones join us for this fun session. 

Tvisha Doctor is an Instructional Designer. After a successful stint in corporate eLearning for nine years, she started working on children's educational and recreational literature. With expertise in the subjects like learner's psychology, cognitive theory and instructional design, Tvisha brings together exciting design ideas that help create interests among children. A mother of two, Tvisha stresses that her ideas for stories and structures come from the incredible experiences that she shares with her own children. 


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