Book Launch: 'Living Nature' by Prof. Sudhakar Solomonraj

Kitab Khana

We are delighted to invite you to the book launch of Living Nature: Wilson College Nature Club's Journeys and Conversations About Biodiversity in India by Sudhakar Solomonraj on Friday, 14 Februaryat 6pm.

The author of the book will be talking about some of the environmental issues we are grappling with today, with the Founder of Santuary Nature Foundation, Bittu Sahgal. 

To Connect. To Feel. To Empathize. Weather patterns are changing. Deforestation is accelerating climate change. This sorry state of affairs has extended to the oceans as well. Overfishing and rampant dumping is seriously endangering the marine ecosystem. There has never been a more urgent need to re-engage with nature. We have been away from nature for far too long and what was once an interdependent relationship, has now become a one-way street.

Where we have just been taking and not giving back in the same measure. The premise of this book is to reawaken the 'kindred spirit' feeling with nature. It believes that when we go back to nature, we will be able to get the relationship going. The book is written as a collection of adventures, memories, and thrilling encounters with wildlife over 40 years of trails and treks of the Wilson College Nature Club in biodiversity across India. The pages chronicle amazing creatures, plants, herbs, animals, birds and everything that makes nature so fascinating. It is the voice of a nature lover keen to get people off their couches and screens to experience nature at their own pace. It is meant to rekindle the desire to go out there and give Mother Nature some much needed TLC.


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