Kitab Khana and Rupa Publisher's invite you to the book launch of "Easy" by Shom Shuklla on 25th December, 2013

5:00 pm
Kitab Khana

Dear Readers,
Day: Wednesday.
Date: 25th December,2013
Time : 5:00 pm
Venue : Kitab Khana.
About the book and the Author:
Easy is a new book of Poetry by Shom Shuklla which reflects life and its myriad journeys. The lucid words are accompanied alongside with photographs by ace photographer Ritam Banerjee.
Easy is your ideal Sunday Coffee Table Companion.
Shom Shuklla is a consummate creative artist with over a decades worth of experience in Music, Theater, poetry and most recently in flim, with an award winning debut, sandcastle. This is her 7th book of poetry being published by Rupa Books.
Rukhsar Lokhandwala


यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि. अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि.. -- अष्टावऋ गीता