In Conversation: 'Fragments of Happiness' by Shrilal Shukla

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Join us for #translationtuesday as we have transalator Niyati Bafna going live on instagram with Arunava Sinha on the recently released translation of Shrilal Shukla's ‘Seemayein Tootati Hain’. Originally published in Hindi in 1973, the novel established Shukla as a great master of tragedy, just as he was of satire. Hear the two discuss the process, the novel and more about the author. Click here to watch. 


यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि. अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि.. -- अष्टावऋ गीता