Kitab Khana and Junoon - A stage for Theatre invite you for "Fly, Frog, Fish And Man" on 17th January, 2014.

6:00 pm
Kitab Khana

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Dates: 17th January, 2014
Venue : Kitab Khana
Age : 12+
Timing : 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
Language : English and Hindi 
About the Speaker :
Sreelaja Nair was born and raised in Bombay and her formal training is in Microbiology. She forayed into investigative biological research trying to understand how fruit flies recognized odours, and realized quickly that she was more intrigued by how entire embryos formed from a single, tiny cell. She joined the University of California, Irvine in 2001 for a PhD and later in 2008 moved to the University of Wisconsin, Madison for post-doctoral research. After 12 years in the USA, Sreelaja moved back to India in 2012 to start her independent research group at TIFR-Mumbai. Her lab continues to use her long term muse, the zebrafish embryo, to try and understand the information coded into that first cell that directs the morphing of that single cell into a complex three dimensional organism. 
In addition to being a scientist, Sreelaja is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. She has performed extensively in Wisconsin and Chicago and used to teach Bharatanatyam in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the Natyarpana Dance Company.
Fly, Frog, Fish and Man: bound by a molecular sleight of hand.
How does a single fertilized cell become an entire embryo? What is the information present in that one cell? Much of this information comes from the mother, but very soon this information must be relayed on for development to continue. I will discuss common frameworks employed by embryos of diverse species.
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