Kitab Khana invite you for the Book Reading -"CAUGHT IN TWO WINDS"by Monika Pant on 8th May, 2014

6:00 pm

Dear Readers,
Day : 8th May, 2014
Date : Thursday.
Time : 6:00 pm
Venue : Kitab Khana 
The guest of honour  will be Jane Bhandari ( and The Author will be in conversation with Pawan Sony, film writer of popular films like 'Sixteen' and Dil, Dosti, Etc'.
About the Book and the Author :
'Caught in two winds' breathes fresh air in the oft told story of transitions. Author,Monika Pant, manages to give a clear insight into the complex emotions that compose the metamorphosis called life. She impresses with her ability to reach inside a teenager's mind and present every detail of the roller-coaster ride of emotions that goes on in it in its transition to adulthood and maturity. Sayoni's story unfolds in contemporary India,the juxtapositioning of her pride and vulnerability,her confidence and guilt captures the essence of contemporary Indian culture. Complex emotions summed up succinctly and beautifully in simple sentences like those found only in Tagore's work leave the reader basking in the warmth of good literature. It is these very sentences that leave the reader hungry for more. I wish the chapters were longer and I hope the author will give us more of her detailed descriptions in her next novel. Overall, I highly recommend this book to those who wish to explore the marriage of classic style with modern literature
Monika Pant is from India and has had her stories and poems published in several anthologies around the world.  An English teacher for over 15 years, she also writes course books in English Grammar and literature. Her real life snippets are published in the 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul' series and a short story written by her was long listed for the 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Her debut novel is ‘Caught in Two Winds’ and she has written a memoir, ‘Echoes From The Vortex’. She blogs at 
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