KitabKhana and Vakils invite you for the book launch " Songs for my Grandchildrens" by Late Pratap Sharma and Illustrated by Dheera Kitchlu.

11:00 am

Dear Readers,
Day: Sunday
Date : 11th May, 2014
Venue : KitabKhana
Time : 11:00 am
Age Group: 3+ yrs
The first of three songs in Partap Sharma's wonderful book, Songs For Grandchildren. A brilliant song to teach young children to count using fun, innovative hand actions. Partap's eldest Grandson Zen was a baby when he wrote this song, his other Grandchildren had not yet been born, so this song was written for Zen and has a clever word play with 'Zen' on page 11. His other Grandchildren Isabel and Kai love the song now too! And we hope all children will too!
Songs For Grandchildren 
A compilation of 3 songs written by Partap Sharma for his Grandchildren and for all children, everywhere to enjoy. Apart from telling wonderful stories, the songs subtly and very effectively teach children a lot, like how to count, exercises and to use their imagination! All the stories in the book have beautiful illustrations by the talented Dheera Kitchlu.
About The Author:- 
Partap Sharma (12 Dec 1939 – 30 Nov 2011) was an Indian multi faceted, multitalented man. A playwright, novelist, author of books for children, commentator, actor, documentary film-maker, thinker and a devoted and wonderful father, husband and Grandfather.
Known as the Golden Voice of India for his fantastic speaking Voice and having written award winning, critically acclaimed books and plays like, Days of the Turban, Dog Detective Ranjha, The Zen Katha of Bodhidharma, Sammy, Begum Sumroo, A Touch of Brightness and many more, everything Partap did he put everything into and did well. Even when he was critically unwell with emphesema, he wrote, sang and composed a book for his grandchildren called Songs for Zen. More about Partap Sharma at:


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