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Dear Readers,
About the books,
1.Birds Of Different Feathers.
A delightful collection of short stories each based on a specific bird species of India. It overflows with nature facts about birds, their habitat and behaviour, all presented in an engaging anecdotal fashion.
The characters are often named based on their local names which adds to the charm of the tales. The stories themselves are a very easy read and will appeal to a wide range of readers from the very young to older children. The author’s tremendous knowledge base and the deep urge to share it with kids, comes through in every page.
The section on “Interesting Tidbits” that follows every chapter in the book is invaluable even for seasoned nature lovers and teachers.
The illustrations complement each story or poem.
2. Odyssey in the Ocean.
In the vast ocean live myriads of creatures - big and small. From the humongous whales to the tiny coral forming polyps, from flying fish that skim the surface of the waters to the angler fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean. The author has successfully woven stories around each of them, keeping in mind their unique intrinsic qualities.
All the stories are educative, one learns as one reads. For example, in the story Octopuses in Action, through the adventures of Nibbly, the arm chewing octopus, one learns that they are able to grow new tentacles in six weeks, that their defense mechanism is to squirt ink over predators to confuse them. We also learn how they camouflage themselves and how they use the powerful suction cups in their tentacles for hunting as well as to overcome predators - phew!
Each story also has an interesting tid-bit articulated from the perspective of the creature itself as well as some amazing facts included.
3. Mammals - Mighty & Meek.
4.Our Green Saviour.
5. Intriguing Insects.
About the Author:
Katie Bagli is a free lance teacher and is also passionately in love with nature. She spends much of her time volunteering for nature-related activities. She is a member of the Save Ranibagh Botanical Gardens Action Committee, which has been actively campaigning to save the thousands of trees in the Byculla zoo from being destroyed by the revamping of the place, as had been proposed by the BMC of Mumbai.
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