KitabKhana and Hay House India invite you to the launch of "Discovering your sweet spot" by Rajiv Vij.

5:45 pm

Dear Readers,
Date: 5th July, 2014
Day: Saturday.
Venue :KitabKhana
Time:5:45 pm.
Summary of the Book
In today's competitive world, everyone is ambitious about achieving perceptible rewards, making more money and acquiring luxurious possessions. In this rigorous pursuit, one often tends to ignore the importance of inner peace and contentment. This well-timed book helps in personal transformation which can also have better effects on all walks of life. It has a fresh way of looking at things and offers a new insight to see the most routine things in life. Self-discovery is another dimension that the book details on, and the significant impact it can have in improving our relationships with those around us, perform better at work and also have a composed, inspirational and happier personal lives.
About Rajiv Vij
Rajiv Vij is an Indian author and a motivational speaker. He was the Managing Director at Franklin Templeton Investments, but gave up his corporate career to follow his deep aspiration to seek greater meaning in life. He now works with leaders from social sector, public services and from various businesses from all over Asia, aiding them in finding their inner potentials and work towards not just better professional lives but also their personal lives.
So, do join the author and be a Soul-Searching Guide for Creating the Life You Really Want.


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