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Indira Gandhi: A Life in Nature

Book Category : Non-Fiction

Author : Jairam Ramesh

ISBN No : 9788193355282

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price :

Offering Price : Rs. 799

Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India for 16 years, was a controversial but very charismatic leader. What Jairam Ramesh reveals in this book is a hidden aspect of her personality and a crucial part of her life - her relationship with nature.

Ramesh tells readers why and how she made a private passion a public calling; how her views on the environment remained unchangeable even as her political and economic opinions changed; how she preserved India’s biodiversity; how she convinced her colleagues as she made significant decisions particularly regarding forests and wildlife; and how her own advanced instincts and beliefs resulted in landmark policies, programmes, initiatives, laws and institutions, that have remained even to this day.

यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि. अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि.. -- अष्टावऋ गीता