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The Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the End of the World

Book Category : Non-Fiction

Author : George Prochnik

ISBN No : 9781783781140

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : UK 20

Offering Price : Rs. 695

Stefan Zweig was one of the most widely-translated living author of the 1930s. A bestselling novelist and a lover of all kinds of art, this writer dedicated all his energy into promoting international humanism, until the rise of the Nazis.

He went into exile, moving elusively from London to Bath, from New York City to Ossining and from Rio to Petropolis, where he finally killed himself.

While recounting the tragic story of Zweig's suicide, this book also brings to light the drastic differences between the ideas of Europe and America, and the maddening struggle of those compelled to abandone one for the other.