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Fortune's Spear: The Story of the Blue-Blooded Rogue Behind the Most Notorious City Scandal of the 1920s

Book Category : Non-Fiction

Author : Martin Vander Weyer

ISBN No : 9781907642319

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : UK 18.99

Offering Price : Rs. 525

Gerard Lee Bevan was arrogant, smooth, well-connected and highly cultured. He married money and influence - his wife Sophie Kenrick was a cousin of the future prime minister Neville Chamberlain - and over the years he kept a string of showgirl mistresses. But, his success was rooted in fraud and deception and he couldn't sustain his falsehood forever.

He ultimately had to leave the country, abandon his family and forget about his stockbroking and insurance empire. Bevan lived life from then on in hiding, in disguise and with his mistress by his side. He was eventually arrested in Vienna, and his trial in court shook the country to its core.

Bevan may have been forgotten, but he richly deserves to be remembered. Martin Vander Weyer's gripping biography brings him vividly to life.