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Falling Up

Book Category : Children's Book

Author : Shel Silverstein

ISBN No : 9780060248024

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : USD 19.99

Offering Price : Rs. 899

With a whole new bunch of crazy characters to meet, Silverstein brings to readers his new collection of poems, featuring Screamin' Millie, Allison Beals and her twenty-five eels; Danny O'Dare, the dancin' bear; the Human Balloon; and Headphone Harold.

Discover the magic of the Nose Garden, ride the Little Hoarse and eat in the Strange Restaurant in this whacky book!

यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि. अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि.. -- अष्टावऋ गीता