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Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved

Book Category : Science

Author : Frans de Waal

ISBN No : 9780691169163

Binding Type : Paperback

Orignal Price : USD 17.95

Offering Price : Rs. 595

Has rationality always existed or has it developed after humans evolved and began to reason? Why do we associate only our bad behaviour with animals, and term good behaviour as more human? This work explores the biological foundations of mankind's most valued traits: morality.

Drawing from Darwin's most recent scientific findings, de Waal states it is wrong to believe that ethical behaviour is regarded as only humane, while less civilised behaviour is animalistic. He says that modern-day evolutionary biology has too negative a view of the natural world, and asks readers to suggest that moral behaviour does not sprout from nature, but from choice.

Based on his detailed research of primate behaviour, de Waal blatantly criticises the "Veneer Theory" and instead explains how humans evolved from a long line of animals that care for the weak and build cooperation with reciprocal transactions.He asserts that there is a strong continuity between animal and human behaviour, hence his persuasive account of how human morality evolved out of mammalian society will astonish anyone who has ever wondered about the origins and extent of human goodness.