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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World

Book Category : Booker Prize Longlist 2019

Author : Elif Shafak

ISBN No : 9780241293874

Binding Type : Paperback

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Did you know: our brains stay active for up to ten minutes after our body shuts down at the time of death? In the case of Leila, a prostitute, her brain is alive for exactly 10 minutes and 38 seconds after she dies, and it is Leila's thoughts during this time that might just reveal some secrets of life. Written by the incomparably talented Elif Shafak, 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World is now available in the store. Get your copy soon to start picking your favourites for the Shortlist. 

यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि. अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि.. -- अष्टावऋ गीता