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Building the Book Cathedral

Book Category : Architecture & Design

Author : David Macaulay

ISBN No : 9780395921470

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : 1050

Offering Price : 840

It has been twenty-six years since the publication of CATHEDRAL, David Macaulay's first book. It introduced readers all over the world to his unique gift for presenting architecture and technology in simple terms, and for demystifying even the most complex of concepts. CATHEDRAL received a Caldecott Honor Medal and is now considered a classic. Building the Book CATHEDRAL includes the content of CATHEDRAL in its entirety. Here, Macaulay traces the evolution of his creative process in "building" that first book, from the initial concept to the finished drawings. He introduces the basic elements of structure and sequence and explains why one angle of a drawing may be better for conveying an idea than another. He describes how perspective, scale, and contrast can be used to connect a reader with concepts, and how the placement of a picture on a page can make a difference in the way information is communicated. Building the Book CATHEDRAL provides an opportunity to examine Macaulay's unique problem-solving skills as he looks back over two and a half decades at the book that launched his distinguished career.