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Alice in Wonderland

Book Category : Children's Book

Author : Lewis Carroll

ISBN No : 9788854408203

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : 550

Offering Price : 440

In Wonderland, space and time are non-existent variables where the laws of physics are replaced by those of fantasy and chaos, which are undeniably more interesting and entertaining for the young protagonist of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece. By following the White Rabbit running past her, Alice falls into a rabbit hole, which turns out to be the entrance to an extraordinary world where the rigid mores of Victorian education are challenged by ingenious and non-conformist characters as the Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat.

The humorous and grotesque situations Alice finds herself in are described by the author through the curious and irreverent eyes of the girl herself, of whom the author is an accomplice and not a judge, for the first time in the history of children's literature. The immediate success of the book upon its publication in 1865 was due precisely to its quirky, anarchic nature. 

This volume, an adaptation of the original, is enhanced by the splendid illustrations of Manuela Adreani, an artist of exceptional sensibility who captures with elegance all the magic of a story that is a timeless classic of literature. 

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