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Gandhi’s Ahmedabad: The City that Shaped India’s Soul

Book Category : History

Author : Times Editorial

ISBN No : 9789380942674

Binding Type : Hardbound

Orignal Price : 600

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Gandhi’s Ahmedabad – The City that Shaped India’s Soul aims to put the spotlight on Ahmedabad’s Gandhian heritage. The book, to be published on October 2, 2011, would also strengthen Ahmedabad bid for the Unesco World Heritage City status. 

The year 2011 has been special for Ahmedabad as the city completed 600 years of existence on February 26. This year, Ahmedabad was also the only Indian city shortlisted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for a bid for Unesco’s World Heritage City title. 

By focusing on Gandhi and Ahmedabad in this book, The Times of India also delves into its own heritage, drawing heavily from its archives of the early 20th century when we not only gave wide coverage to Gandhi’s activities but also published his letters to the editor. 

TOI’s first book, ‘Ahmedabad Next - Towards a World Heritage City’ painted a broad canvas, from the legends associated with the city’s foundation 600 years back to those who shaped its modern history, including Gandhi. The second book - ‘Sarkhej Roza - Ahmedabad’s Acropolis’ paid tribute to the shrine where the idea of Ahmedabad was born. Both books have been very well received in the market. TGB also published a junior version of, ‘Ahmedabad Next - Towards a World Heritage City’ recently which has become very popular among students. 

‘Gandhi’s Ahmadabad – The city that Shaped India’s Soul’ shows the importance of Ahmedabad in the freedom struggle against the British. With the help of rich archives of TOI, we have documented his experiments with truth and non-violence for 15 years — from 1915 to 1930 — when he lived in Ahmedabad. The book contains rare photographs of Gandhi in Ahmedabad and is printed on eco-friendly, hand-made paper prepared by a Gandhian organisation based in Ahmedabad.